Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale
Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. These marine mammals are up to 30 meters long and  weigh up to  200 tons.
Blue whales feed  on a diet composed  of tiny shrimp like animals called krill. During certain times of the year, a single adult blue whale consumes about 4 tons  of krill a day.
Blue whales  feed by first gulping an enormous mouthful of water, expanding the pleated skin on their throat and belly to take it in. Then the whale's massive tongue forces the water out through the thin, overlapping baleen plates. Thousands of krill are left behind—and then swallowed.
Blue whales look true blue underwater, but on the surface their coloring is more a blue-gray. Their underbellies take on a yellowish colour from the millions of microorganisms that live on  its skin. The blue whale has a broad, flat head and a long, tapered body that ends in wide, triangular flukes.
Blue whales live in all the world's oceans occasionally swimming in small groups but usually alone or in pairs. They often spend summers feeding in polar waters and undertake lengthy migrations towards the Equator as winter arrives.
Blue Whales are the world’s most endangered creatures and they should be protected.
I got my information from this link. Click on the link to read more about the Blue Whale.   

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