Monday, 1 December 2014

Acrostic Poems, Seasons and Natural Disasters

Acrostic poems on Seasons and Natural disasters

WALT: create poems on Seasons and Natural disasters
Success Criteria: I am able to use the various guidelines to write a poem.

E normous
A fter shock
R age
T ectonic plates
H umongous
Q uakes
U nstoppable
A nnoying
K ilometres
E arthquakes

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T hunderly weather
O pen houses
R aining and hailing
N o one is safe
A nybody can get hurt
D amped houses
O ver rated

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H eavy wind
U nstoppible
R age
R aining heavily
I nsane weather
C ourageous
A ngry people
N ever ending rain until the hurricane stops
E endless wind
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Tropical disaster
S uper waves
U nderneath the water
N o one is safe
A valanche of water
M oving so fast
I nsane water flow
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S trong winds
T ragic weather
O pen houses
R oads cracked
M asive clouds

F illing waters in all sideways
L eaking through all alleys
O verflowing rivers and bays
O verflowing streets, stations and houses
D eep riviers
S cared people to go in the water

C ourageous
Y asi cyclone
Caving building
L ong cloud which is strong
O nly on cyclone to destroy something
N ever run outside
E vacuation

S unshine is here
U umbrellas to block the sun
M aking summer crafts
M unching on food at the beach
E ating ice cream
R eflection on the water
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A valanche of leaves
U underneath the tree
T rees are bare
U p in the tree changing colour
M igrating
N ight gets longer
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W inter is cold
I nside where its warm
N ever hot
T ightly packed snow
E verything is covered in snow
R aining snow
Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 09.43.56.png

S unny weather
P retty flowers
R oses bloom
I n spring its warm
N ature
G rowing flowers

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By Bono