Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pollution, Aarmione


Pollution is when people litter instead of throwing their rubbish into the bin. There are three types of pollution: Land, Air and sea pollution. These are all bad for the environment.

Air pollution is when mufflers on the back of vehicles emit smoke that is bad for the environment and human beings. The smoke is gas and gas has chemicals in it.

Land pollution is when we litter on the ground, and other people have to pick it up.

Sea pollution is similar pollution. People litter, and when it rains, the rubbish gets into the drains that leads to the sea, and the rubbish eventually ends up into the sea, killing all of the marine life in the sea.

Sea pollution can also be caused by boats that use diesel or gases that have chemicals in them that also kill the marine life.

Pollution is bad for people and animals.

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