Friday, 27 September 2013

Story Review, Melenaite

A Piece of Paradise by  Leonie Thorpe

This story is about the Rain God and the Sun God. The Rain God looked down at the village and saw that they were a very happy village and the Rain God was proud of the stream that she had created.

One day they had a argument over whose food gardens were bigger and better. They decided to settle the argument by having a competition on growing food in their areas.  The prize for winning the competition was the four bright stars in sky known as the Southern Cross.

At the end of season none of them had any good crops to show each other because all the crops needed sunshine and rain. They agreed that they needed each for growing their crops.

The four bright stars were set up in the sky in the south.

The characters in his story are the Rain God and the Sun God.

This story takes place in the sky.

I like this story because it talks about the Rain God and the  Sun God and the Southern Cross Stars. This story  is very impressing.

By Melenaite

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