Friday, 26 July 2013

Cup Cakes by Karl


On Wednesday we watched Breakfast News on TV One. The news reporters had cupcakes with blue icing for William and Kate's son Prince George Alexander Louis. We decided to make some too! First we mixed the dry ingredients. Next we added the liquid and dampened it all. Then we put the cases in the muffin tin and poured the mixture in. After it cooled, we iced them with blue icing (it was a boy) and put a yellow pebble on top for the crown. They were YUMMY!

Mighty Muscles

Mighty Muscles by Sue Gibbison

This article is about how to get healthy and strong and what food to eat to make our muscles strong and healthy. It also tells us how to prevent our muscles from getting injured. This article also tells us about what you need to do keep our muscles strong. Now, I have to do a lot os exercise to keep my muscles strong and healthy. I liked this article because it shows me how to keep my muscles strong and healthy.      

Monday, 1 July 2013

Article Review by Karl

Article Review by Karl

The World of Ferns by Rupert Alchin.

This article is all  about ferns. It tells us about what  they are, where in a bush you find them, what is inside them. The scientific word for fern is Pteridophyte. The  fleshy underground stem of  a fern is called a Rhizome. There are 12,000 species of ferns worldwide. The xylem tissue carries water and the phloem tissue carries food for the plants that it is in. This article has amazing facts about ferns and I recommend that all students who do not know about ferns should read it.

Story Review by Jahsiah

Story Review by Jahsiah

The Day Mary Shook the Karaka Tree by Jan Farr

This story is about some children and their parent who played tennis on Thursdays. The children were ball kids for their parents and they fetched the tennis balls when it went out of the court. Once a ball got trapped up a Karaka tree and Mary had to climb up the tree and shake the branches to get the ball down.
The characters in the story are Mary,Dana,Wynne and other kids.
This story takes place at the tennis court  near the karaka tree.

I like this story because it shows us how a family works together and they enjoy each others company.