Friday, 26 July 2013

Cup Cakes by Karl


On Wednesday we watched Breakfast News on TV One. The news reporters had cupcakes with blue icing for William and Kate's son Prince George Alexander Louis. We decided to make some too! First we mixed the dry ingredients. Next we added the liquid and dampened it all. Then we put the cases in the muffin tin and poured the mixture in. After it cooled, we iced them with blue icing (it was a boy) and put a yellow pebble on top for the crown. They were YUMMY!


  1. Well done Karl. Those Cup Cakes look so YUMMY. It is a very good way to remember the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis.

  2. Hi Karl
    I enjoyed your explanation of how you made the cupcakes. They look delicious. What did you use to make the icing blue?

  3. Well Done Karl. Love your Cup Cakes.