Sunday, 22 June 2014

How Waves Are Made, Hemi

By Hemi How Waves Are Made.

How Waves Are Made.
  • Waves are mainly a product of the wind.
  • The best waves for surfing are the result of the interaction of winds on the surface of the ocean, far away from the coast.
  • Wind is the first step in the formation of surfable waves.
  • Local shore winds can also produce waves, but they can also destroy the quality of the breaking waves.
  • Onshore winds are typically known for creating choppy and bumpy waves because their effect is added to the direction of the wave.
  • In a way, offshore winds are a sort of a counterbalance.
  • Swell comes from miles away and the ground wind works as a "pause-hold" effect on the wave face, allowing longer unbreakable waves.
Waves: the importance of wave length, wave period and wave frequency

This is where I got my information from. Click on this site for more informationHow Waves ares Made.
BY Hemi

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