Friday, 13 June 2014

Story Review, Karl

Big Shift by Jacqui Brown

This story is about a family that splits up and the dad stays back on the farm in the countryside while the mum and the three children go and stay in Wellington. The characters in the story are Dad, Mum, Terei, Cherie, the Narrator, Tomo, Meilai, the two kids who beat up Tomo and the two kids who were tagging. Tomo, Meilai and the Narrator become friends when the Narrator stopped the two kids who are beating up Tomo. Tome introduced the Narrator to Meilai. In the end Meilai lives in Auckland, and Tomo and the Narrator are in college in Wellington.
The story takes place on the farm in the countryside and in Wellington.
I like  this story because it shows how some people feel when  their parents split up and they struggle to keep their family together.  


By Karl

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  1. This is good review of the story you have read. Keep up with your good work Karl.