Thursday, 25 September 2014

Explanation Writing, Fineasi

WALT: I am learning to write an Explanation

Why is the school a special place in my community?

A school is a learning centre where learners of all ages come together to learn about everything, therefore it is a very special place in the community.

First, school is fun because the students get to learn about a lot of new things like netbooks, computers, food, sports, maths, science and languages. The school  has  a teacher to teach the enthusiastic learners about new things. When students become  experts at one level, they get the opportunity to move to another level.

Then there are special sessions to help students build their  confidence in talking in front of the  school and other people and this makes the school a special place as well. The  school is also important because it provides the learners with the opportunity to read and write so they can get a job faster.

Next, schools are important because they let us students play,  talking to each other, make friends and gives them new opportunities. They learn new things everyday just like the teacher. Everyday students go to school and they get a chance to do something and learn new cool things.

Furthermore, a school is also a sports centre for the students and the community as well because it has facilities like playgrounds, swimming pools, courts and the hall where different sports can be played.  Students also benefit from getting special skills in sports from sports coaches hired by the school and that makes the school a special place.

Finally, the school can be used for special events like weddings, church services, birthday parties and community meetings because it has a hall where people can gather for a meeting. Most schools have these facilities available to the community so it make the school a special place.

A school is a special place in the community because it plays so many different roles to meet the needs of the community where it is in.

By Fineasi

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Story Review, Mata

Half Fare To Palmerston North
 By Dorothy Corry

This story is about a teenaged boy named Luke who moved out of his home because his dad yelled at him after his teacher told his father that he wasn’t happy about his behaviour at school. 

Luke and his father had a conversation about his attitude. When they were having a conversation, Luke's father hit Luke on the head. After Luke's father hit him on the head, Luke felt a little bit ashamed of himself because that was his first time he ever got hit.  

After that incident, Luke thought of moving to his friend, Jason's house but Jason's mum's boyfriend was there and so he decided to go to Palmerston North instead. When he was on his way to the bus stop, Luke’s father came and said that he was very sorry.

The problem was solved when Dad came to the Bus top told Luke that he was very sorry about what he did. Then dad asked Luke if he wanted a burger and Luke said that it would be a good idea. Luke and his dad forgave each other.

I liked this story because I learnt how to forgive give each other when we fight, argue or have an argument and I also liked this story because it was very interesting.

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By Mata

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Story Review, Sam

A Natural Actor By David Hill

A Natural Actor by David Hill is about a boy and a girl. The girl and boy’s  name’s were Tanya and Chad Finlay. Tanya and Chad Finlay were in the hall do a funny act.

Tanya had a rumbling stomach and went to eat a sandwich. She ate two coconut biscuits but she ate it too fast. Then she started to get hiccups.
Tanya finished her act and when she went past Ms. Yee's room, the Rm 18’s teacher said, "Well done on your act Tanya”.

When Tanya was on stage she was licking a lolly fume and start sneezing. Then she started sneezing and everyone in the hall began laughing at their act because it was so funny and that’s how they solved the problem. After that Chad Finlay gave Tanya a huge smile.

I liked this story because it was funny and it was interesting.
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By Sam Liu

Story Review, Chris

A Natural Actor By David Hill

A Natural Actor by David Hill is a story about a girl named Tanya who was frightened of going on the stage to perform a play. When it was Tanya’s turn to go on to the stage she started coughing and she had hiccups.The audience laughed and thought that it was part of the play.Finally Tanya’s teacher gave her a coughing lolly and she stopped coughing.

The problem was solved when she had  hiccup in front of the audience. Then everyone laughed at her because they thought that was her act.  I liked this story because it was so funny when Tanya had  hiccups and the audience started to laugh because they thought that was Tanya’s act.


By Chris

Story Review, Fineasi

Always a good view by Brooke Whaitiri

The main character in this story is Brooke Whaitiri. She has a friend and her name is Reed. They were best friends since they were 3 and 2 years of age. She met Brooke Whaitiri, a Chatham Islander who lived in the fishing settlement of Kaingaroa.

This story  took place at the beach where Brooke’s family lived.  Brooke Whaitiri really liked the beach because she could collect shells and go fishing on the rocks.

Brooke  did not go fishing on her Dad’s boat because usually became  seasick. Her Dad took her out fishing from the rocks so that Brooke would not miss out on fishing and at least enjoy fishing without being sick.

By Fineasi

Friday, 12 September 2014

Local History Scout Badge, Karl


Local History Badge By Karl P For Scouts

Glen Innes

Activity 1
1. The main streets in Glen Innes are Line Road, Taniwha Street and Apirana Avenue, which meet in the city centre.
2. Glen Innes is 9 kilometres from Auckland City Centre.
3. It is called “GI” by everyone who lives there.
This information is from this link: Wikipedia Glen Innes.

Activity 2
Glen Innes was settled by William Innes Taylor in the 1800’s and he was the first European in GI. The Maori were in GI first.

Activity 3
The Ruapotaka Marae is an important structure in GI because it is a marae and it is where the Maori meet and have  a Hui. The Ruapotaka Marae was built by the Nga Hau E Wha Tribe as their special place.

GI town centre.
Ruapotaka Marae.

Why is the Church Special in Our Community?, Moses

Why is the Church Special in Our Community ?

The Church is a really special place in the community because we go there to worship God and ask for forgiveness for the sins we have committed.

The Church is special to me because we can pray and read the Holy Bible with the Minister and others. The word of God  is good and it  can take away all the stress in your mind when we pray to God. It’s good to go to church because we can communicate with others in our community in our own Language and pray with each other.

We go to church so we can pray and thank God for everything he has done for us and be with us when the week passes by. We also go to church so we can pray and ask him to heal our wounds on our body if we are hurt.

The Church is a way to go and pray and communicate with our Holy Father. Church has a very big building. There are a lot of different denominations in the Christian church because a lot of people go to church.

A church is a special place because it enables people to come together and socialise with each other apart from studying the Bible and learning about God. 

Moses - Yr 6, Room 9

Tides and Ocean Currents, Brandon

Tides and Ocean currents

Tides And Ocean Currents.

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Surfers and seafarers all know that the water around New Zealand is changing.
Driven by the wind,the warm subtropical water flows and swirls around the island.
Tides ebb the  flow along the coast, and where fresh and seawater are brought
together at estuaries, fiords and river plumes-unique environments are created.

Wind blown from the East New Zealand  lies in the path of an eastward-flowing
currents, which are driven by winds that blow across the South Pacific Ocean.
These winds, the South East trades to the north,and the roaring forties to the
south, drive the water along the equator.

But even the most sophisticated satellite technology cannot provide analysis of the ocean
beyond a few centimetres deeper than the surface. 

To record the changes under the sea, back on board the research ships, Oceanographers use sophisticated cameras and equipment to record changes in ocean properties. Valuable data is archived and synthesised to build a picture of how ocean environments behave.

This were I got my information from:

By Brandon

Earthquakes by Aarmione


What is an earthquake?
Earthquakes are the shaking, rolling or sudden shock of the earth’s surface. They are the Earth's natural means of releasing stress. More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year.

The West Coast is most at risk of having an earthquake, but earthquakes can happen in the Midwest and along the East Coast.
Earthquakes can be felt over large areas although they usually last less than one minute.
Earthquakes cannot be predicted - although scientists are working on it!

Earthquakes are so destructive - it can actually take people’s houses, and even their lives.

The Sun and Other Inventions by Simon Cooke

The Sun and Other Inventions.

This story is about Grandpa Sid telling lies to his granddaughter and to the people at the science fair. He told them that he invented the Sun, the Moon and that he invented gravity too. But the other scientists wouldn't believe him, so they called the security guards.


The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

The Big Game

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

This story is about 2 Children and their Mum.The two children liked to play soccer because that was their favourite sport to play.The children and the mum heard there was a big game in their hometown.

Mum wanted the boys to do some chores before they could go to the big game.
The Mum and her children went to the park to see the rugby players and the author’s stomach started flipping  as if she was playing.

Mum went up to Shawn when the kids went away. Then Karla’s mum asked  when Shawn was playing again because she wanted the children to more chores for her.

By Timote

Story Review, Levi G

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

The Big Games by Sue Gibbison

The big game is about a family that lived in a small town. One day a pre-season match of rugby was held in their town. One of the children's favorite player was in one of the teams. After the game the children went to get an autograph form Shane.

I liked the story because it was about rugby.