Friday, 29 August 2014

Story Review, James

Paint Job by Norman Bilbrough

This article is all about Damon and Mark going to Toy story and Mark bought his new sneakers.
At the pools Mark told Damon that he had new sneakers.  After they swam in the pool they went back and checked for his new sneakers, but it was not there.  Mark went red because he could not find his new sneakers, so he blamed  Damon because Damon was the one who saw him putting it away and then they did not meet up again.

At the end they found out that Damon threw it under the bench.

Story Review, Chris

The Big Game by  Sue Gibbison.

This story is about a family that wanted to go to watch a rugby game in their small town. They had  to do all the chores at home before they could be allowed to  go to the big rugby game in town.   The characters in this story are Mum, Shane, Karla and the children.

This story takes place at the rugby field. I learnt that the children finally got to see their  famous player. Mum wished that there was another big game so that the  children could do more chores for her.

I like this story because it is about rugby and rugby is my favourite sport.

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Story Review, Melenaite

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

This story is about a family that plays soccer but once they heard that there was a rugby game in town,  they waited for the right moment to ask mum if they could go and watch the game because it was a special  pre season match and they would do anything to go although they have not really been  rugby fans.

Mum agreed  to let the children  go to the rugby game, but there were conditions  that the children had to fulfill. They had to do all the chores for mum for a  week.  Mum had wished that there were more games held in their town more often so the children could do more chores for mum.

The characters in this story are Mum, Karla, Shane and the Author.This story takes place at the Rugby Park and some parts take place at home.

I felt that it was interesting and an awesome story because the children got a chance to watch the Rugby game and it was easier for mum because the children did some chores for her.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Information Report, Aarmione


What is an earthquake?
Earthquakes are the shaking, rolling or sudden shock of the earth’s surface. They are the Earth's natural means of releasing stress. More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year.

The West Coast is most at risk of having an earthquake, but earthquakes can happen in the Midwest and along the East Coast.
Earthquakes can be felt over large areas although they usually last less than one minute.
Earthquakes cannot be predicted - although scientists are working on it!

Earthquakes are so destructive - it can actually take people’s houses, and even their lives.

By Aarmione

Reading Activities, Alisi


The Sun and Other Inventions by Simon Cooke

WALT: Use inferencing strategy to find answers to questions based on the text.
Success Criteria: I know I have used the inferencing strategy when I have done the following to look for an answer:
*look for clues around the text,
*re-read the text,
* sound out the question and look for key words in the question, *discuss with a buddy.
* form a picture of the question and then try and answer it.
* read on while looking for the correct answer.


Read the story and then answer the questions based on the story.

1. What is a Science Fair?
A science fair is an opportunity for people to learn new inventions.
2. What did Grandpa Sid do as Emma and he were watching the exhibition?
When Grandpa Sid and Emma were watching the exhibition, Grandpa Sid said that he invented the Sun.
3. Why did the President of the World go and see Grandpa Sid?
The President of the world went to see Grandpa Sid because he was a famous inventor.
4. Why had the people stopped to listen to Grandpa Sid?
People stopped to listen to Granpa Sid because it was interesting.
5. Why were the scientists annoyed with Grandpa Sid?
The scientists were annoyed with Grandpa Sid because he was lying.
6. What did the scientists do in the end to stop Grandpa from lying to everyone?
The scientists called the security guards.

Make sentences with these words.

1. ignored - I ignored the boy when he called me names.
2.scattered - I scattered the coconut over the icing.
3. screamed - We screamed so loud when my aunt scared us.
4.scientist - The scientists showed their experiment to the President.
5. enormous- They thought that the enormous building was about to fall down.
6. invented - He invented the steam engine.
7. disappointed - I was disappointed at my dog because he was disrespectful to the visitors.
8. mistake - People have made many mistakes in their lives.
9. everyone - Everyone was there to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.
10. unfortunately - Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go to the park.

Write an article review for this article and take a screenshot of a picture from the article and put it up on your Blog after it has been checked by your teacher.

The Sun and Other Inventions.

This story is about Grandpa Sid telling lies to his granddaughter and to the people at the science fair. He told them that he invented the Sun, the Moon and that he invented gravity too. But the other scientists wouldn't believe him, so they called the security guards.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Slide Show on Matariki by Sam, Fineasi and Jayden

Explanation - A special place in the community, Aarmione

A special place in the Community

A special place in the community for me is Mount Wellington because it is a nice place to go to when you need to relax and it is also a good place to exercise and you could also have a picnic there.

I think that Mount Wellington is a good place to hang out in summer because you can see the view of Auckland. When you sit down under a tree, you can feel the cool breeze on your face, and its also fun to walk up to the summit to exercise and have some fun. You could also take your dog to exercise.

There are 2 driveways, one leading up, and the other leading down.  There are two picnic tables, a bench, 2 or 3 trees, a staircase leading up to the summit, and a huge patch of grass.

I think that more people should visit Mount Wellington because it ’s a good place to visit.

By Aarmione

Story Review, Jahsiah

The Sun and Other Inventions By Simon Cooke

                             Story Review
The Sun and Other Inventions  By Simon Cooke

The article is about an exhibition that Grandpa Sid went to. He claimed loudly about that he had created the sun so that the people would hear him. He said that it was a while back before the whole world was pitch black and  the President of the world came to see him.

Grandpa Sid was a famous scientist. The characters in the article  are the Scientists, Emma and Grandpa. I like this article because it was  interesting  to learn how Grandpa Sid  made the sun and the moon.

By Jahsiah

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Facts on Earthquakes, Sam


  • Earthquakes happen every day in New Zealand.
  • Instruments record the ground shaking from over 14,000 earthquakes in and around the country each year.
  • Most are too small to be noticed, but between 150 and 200 are big enough to be felt.
  • Earthquakes are most frequent in regions where two moving plates meet and press against each other.
  • New Zealand is in such a region – it straddles the boundary between the Pacific Plate, which covers almost a quarter of the earth’s surface, and the Australian Plate.
  • Earthquakes usually occur along faults, which are existing fractures in the crust. Sometimes the blocks of rock on either side of a fault abruptly shift to a new position in just a few seconds.
  • This sudden release of energy sends out waves, which are felt on the surface as an earthquake.
  • The strength of the quake depends on the area of fault that has shifted and the amount of movement.

By Sam

Friday, 8 August 2014

Information Report, Jahsiah

The Blue Whales

A whale is a cold blooded sea creature. It is very big.

Their length equals the length of two school buses and their weight equals the weight of 30 adult elephants. Blue Whales sleep while swimming. They use only half of their brain while sleeping.

Blue Whales are the largest animals on the planet.Scientists believe that whales can hear songs even if they are 1000 miles away from each other. Scientists noticed that sometimes Blue Whales mate with Fin Whales.

Blue Whales use 2 half of their brain to swim while sleeping. They also can eat over 100 humans per meal but instead they'd rather eat little fish. Blue Whales are very old and they have been on earth for over 54 million years.

Some people believe that Blue Whales evolved from hippopotamus to a Blue whale. Blue Whales have the weight of 30 adult elephants. Blue Whales breath with their lungs. They have a huge hole on the top of their back so that their baby can crawl through it to keep it’s baby safe and sound.

Blue Whales are fascinating to watch and they are enormous.

Click for more Information
The Blue Whale

By Jahsiah