Friday, 13 June 2014

Story Review, Moses

Big Shift by Jacqui Brown

This story is about  Dad and Mum splitting up and Mum and the kids moved to where she grew up in Wellington. The storyteller missed his Dad a lot but he got over it. The storyteller only liked the smell of food  and the different languages he heard in his neighbourhood when he moved to Wellington with his mum. One night he walked across to some boys who were beating up a kid named Tomo and he chased them off.. The story teller became friends with Tomo. Tomo introduced him to his  friend named Meilai. All three of them became friends. When they grew up Tomo wanted to be a doctor and Meilai lived in Auckland with her Mum, and the storyteller wanted to be a vet.
This story took place at the farm and in Wellington. The characters in the story are Dad, Mum, Meilai, Cherie, Terei, Tomo and storyteller. I felt sad for the storyteller because he missed his Dad a lot.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your story review Moses. You have been able to reflect on some of the events in the story.