Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Holidays by Jahsiah

My Holidays

In the holidays,the first thing that I went to was the movies. I went with my mum and my sisters.I watched Despicable me 2. It was a funny movie because the man and his partner hid in the rubbish bin and in the end they liked each other so they got married.The next day  was boring because it was raining so we had to stay home and watch tv all day.

In the second week I went to my Aunt's for a visit. I played video games there and had a yum cake.My Aunty just made it when we got there. It was so delicious when I ate it. After that I went to look for my Aunty’s cat. Its name was Taz. When I got back home, I watched TV.

I really enjoyed those days when there was sunshine. The wet days were boring because I had to stay in the house and watch TV.

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  1. Hi Jahsiah

    I'm glad you enjoyed the sunny days during the holidays. The rainy days would have been a good time for reading.
    Did you find your aunty's cat?