Monday, 12 August 2013

Beetles by Fraser

Title: Beetles

Author: Philippa Werry

The story is about a boy called Sam. One day when it was raining and Sam brought a log inside the house and told them that there was a beetle on the log. His brother Matt couldn't see the beetle at first but then he saw something brown move from the log and then he could see the beetle.

Sam's dad came into the house, saw the beetle and told them that it was called a Huhu beetle. Sam’s Dad said that they have really bad nips when they are cross. The characters in the story are a boy called Sam, his brother Matt, Phoebe and Sam's Dad.

The story takes place in a tramping house. I liked this story because the Author put in nice, powerful, interesting and exciting words.

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  1. Hi Fraser
    I enjoyed your review of the story "Beetles". I would be interested to know some examples of the powerful and exciting words the author used.
    I didn't know huhu bugs could bite!