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In this report I will tell you about types of transport that vary in the amount of wheels. These are vehicles that can carry goods and people.

2 wheelers are bicycles, motorbikes and Segways. First we will talk about bicycles. Bicycles are 2 wheeled forms of transport that you use your energy to control. There are pedals on it.

Motorbikes are like bicycles but have a motor in it. Motorbikes vary in sizes. Some motorbikes race on the concrete, some on dirt and some don’t race.

Segways PT is a 2 wheeler form of transport that is self-balancing, battery powered electric vehicle. At rugby games the people with cameras use Segway PT’s.
Now we are on to 3 wheelers. Tuk-Tuks are 3 wheeled motorcycles that have been the symbol of Asia for more than 50 years. Tuk-tuks move people and the Max speed is 100km. Tuk-tuks have 4 stroke engines. Tuk-tuks are taxis.

Auto Rickshaws are a common means of public transport in India. An Auto Rickshaw are used for Private Cabins. They are also taxi’s.

4 wheelers are Quad Bike, Van and Car. Cars are 4 wheelers that can Race, be Family Cars and Taxis.Cars vary in sizes and brands.

Vans are bigger than cars and carry cargo and people. They cannot race though. They are slower too.

Quad Bikes are bikes that are farm and racing bikes. They can be spy ones.
6 to 8 wheelers are Buses, Vans, and Trucks. Busses are forms of transport. They can only carry people.

Trucks are Transport that can carry cargo only. They sometimes warn other trucks who are speeding to slow down because there are police.
More wheelers are trains. Trains are Transport that carry cargo and people. They can go fast.

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