Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Report on Land Transport

                      Report on Land Transport

Land Transport is the most commonly used transport in New Zealand.

The one wheeled unicycle is called a Monowheel but it is not commonly used because it is very difficult to ride.It is very widly used by young people and some young people use schooters and bikes at the skatepark.

The three wheeled tricycle,Rickshaw and Lyric is not very much  used by people in New Zealand.

The Rickshaws are three wheeled motorized transport.They are widely used in the major cities in Asian countries for carrying passengers.

There are some fantastic fast cars that are used on the road and some are fast,loud and private.There are some people that come to school on a skateboard or by a car.

Some fantastic vehicles that are six wheeled  are  Trucks and Buses and they are mostly used as  passenger vehicles and for transporting cargo.

The ten wheeled transporters are container trucks, Oil Tankers, Cranes, Tow Trucks, Vehicle Carriers and Fire Engines. They are used for carrying heavy loads over long distances and in emergencies.

Land Transport is very important for all of us since people need to travel to school or work. It makes peoples lives a lot easier.

By Dora


  1. Kia ora Dora,
    I like the way you have presented your information in a logical manner. Well done,
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

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