Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Beetle by Philippa Werry

Beetle by Philippa Werry

This story is about  a family that went tramping in the bushes.They were so bored and  they had nothing to do so one of the characters named Sam went out to get some firewood from the bushes.When Sam came back with the firewood one of the wood  had a Huhu beetle on it. When they saw the Huhu beetle they made a game called Beetle and they  played the game so they were not bored anymore.

The characters in this story are Dad,Sam,Matt and Phoebe.

This story takes place at home.

I like this story because I have now learnt a new game.

By Melenaite

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  1. Hi Melenaite
    That was a creative way to entertain themselves. Can you teach me how to play the beetle game?