Friday, 23 August 2013

Article Review


Title: Beetles
Author:Philippa Werry

This story is about a family that goes tramping in the bush. When they have nothing to do, Sam went outside and collected firewood from the forest. When Sam brought the firewood back they found a Huhu beetle just sitting on a log. They were so amazed when they found the Huhu beetle on the log.
Then their Dad made up a game about the Huhu beetle. Everyone was happy because they could do something. They had to draw a beetle with all of it’s body parts. Matt had a lot of knowledge about the beetle so he won the game. After that they carried on playing. The characters in this story are Phoebe, Dad,Sam and Matt. The story takes place at a house in the bush when they had gone tramping. I like this story because it describes the beetle and it’s body parts. I like the way the author wrote this story. I liked the way the author used strong, powerful and interesting words in the story.

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