Friday, 16 August 2013

Melenaite's Story

During my two weeks of holidays the first week I went to the swimming pools on saturday with my family and I was having a very good time.

On the second week I went to my aunt's house so that in the morning we could go to my uncles game. We also planned to visit the farm afterwards so when we woke up we got ready and we packed some lunch for our family day out.

Next we were at the game and we were watching my uncle play rugby. He was playing for Manukau but sadly, at the end they lost but no worries, unless they tried.

After that, me and my family went to visit the farm and first I went to have a ride on the horses. I also went to feed the rabbits then we had to go home and I had a very good time there.

I felt very great on my two weeks of holidays because I had been visiting different places and I had fun.

By Melenaite

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