Thursday, 22 August 2013

Article Review

Mils Muliaina - All Blacks by Alisana Morris

Mils Muliaina - All Blacks by Alisana Morris

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Mils Muliaina likes to play rugby. His real name is Junior Muliaina. He was born in Samoa. His hero is his big brother. His most challenging training for him is for his weight. He played nearly a hundred games. He wants his son Max to be proud of him. Mils Muliaina’s special goal is to play a hundred test matches, and he wants to keep playing at a high standard he set himself to. He also wants to be in the team that wins the rugby world cup again.


  1. Kia ora Anthony,
    It sounds as if this article contained some good advice (set high standards for yourself), as well as lots of information about Mils. You included a lot of detail in your review.
    Cheers, Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

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