Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Motat and Water Fun Day By Dasharn

On Monday the 18th of February 2013, Glenbrae School had a water fun day.

First, Room 9 went to Mrs Greenham’s Activity that was the three legged race. Next, we went to Mrs Repata’s activity. We had to do the zig zag race with cups of water.

Then we went to Mrs Moopanar activity. Her activity was running with cups of water to fill our House bin. Next we went to the water slide activity with Mrs Holderness.

After that we went the school courts and sat down. Mrs Moopanar told us that the Blue House had won. Then we went back to our classroom and changed into our uniforms.

The water fun day was a lot of fun for my friends and I.

Room 9’s MOTAT Visit

On Thursday 21st March, Room 9 went to the MOTAT and half  of the school went with them but Mafoa, Justin and I had to stay back at school.

Ms Elia told us to stay with Mrs Kelly and Ms Elia gave us some Maths work.  I did 5 Math Worksheets. Then Mrs Kelly told us to go to up other  classrooms. I went to room 1 and Mafoa  went to room 2.

After that I went back to Mrs Elia to do some more Math work and Justin was there too.Justin and I did two more Math Worksheets with Mrs Elia.

I  had done eight Math Worksheets by the time the  Glenbrae Senior School  came back from the MOTAT.

When school was over, I walked home with Moses and George.

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