Monday, 15 April 2013

Room 9’s MOTAT Visit By Fineasi

Three weeks ago the Senior School went on the bus to visit the Motat and learn about transport.

First  we went to the hall and Mrs Raj spoke to us. Then we waited for the bus and the bus came late.

While we were waiting for the bus, we had a quiz. Then the bus came and room 10 and half of room 7 went on the first bus.

We waited for the second bus to come. While we were waiting, we played a quiz with half of the senior school.

After a while the second bus came. Next the rest of the classes went to the Motat.

When we got there, we had morning tea first in the assembly room. Then we went on a Tram ride.

After the tram ride we went with the MOTAT educator to learn about land transport. We had sort out pictures on land transport from the olden days.
Then we went on a guided tour with the MOTAT Educator to see the different types of land transport at the MOTAT. Soon it was lunchtime and we had lunch.

After lunch, our parent helpers took us on a guided tour of the MOTAT. My group went to the Mirror Maze, the Train Tunnel and the Games Room.

Finally, it was time for us to come back to school. We walked to the bus and got on for our trip back to school. After half an hour, we got back to school at last.We all had a great time at the Motat learning about land transport.

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