Friday, 12 April 2013

Room 9’s Visit to the MOTAT by Owen

Two weeks ago Glenbrae students  went to the Motat. We went there to learn about transport. Room Nine went by a bus to the Motat.

Firstly, we went to the hall in our lines and Mrs Raj talked to us. Then we waited for the bus to come. It came late so we played a quiz game. After that the first bus came and half of Room Seven and Room 10 went first. When they had left, we played “I spy”. Finally the other bus came and we all went to the Motat.

When we got to the Motat,we assembled in the assembly room. Then we had morning tea. Next we went on a Tram ride. After that, we went with the Motat Educator to learn about different kinds of transport. Then we had lunch together in the assembly room.

After lunch we went  on a self directed tour with our adult helpers. We saw a lot of different types of road transport from the early days.

After that we assembled in the assembly room at 2.30pm to get ready to come back to school.Then we got onto the bus and came back to school. Finally we reached school at 2.45pm.

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