Friday, 12 April 2013

Room 9’s MOTAT Visit by Fusi

Two weeks ago, the Senior School Students from Glenbrae School went by bus to the Motat to study about transport.

First we went to the hall and sat in our lines. Then Mrs Raj spoke to us. We waited for the bus. While we were waiting for the bus, we had a quiz on transport and we played “I Spy”.

When the buses came, Room 10 and half of room 7 went on the first bus. Room 9 and the other half of room 7 went on the second bus.

After some time we reached the Motat. We assembled in an assembly room and had morning tea first.

After our morning tea, we went on a Tram ride. When we came back from the Tram ride, we went with the Motat Educator to a room to learn about road transport. We had to sort out pictures on different types of road transport.

Next we went back to the assembly room to have lunch. After lunch, we went on a self directed tour with our adult helpers.

Finally we assembled in the assembly room at 2:30pm. Then we walked to the bus and got on it to come back to school. We reached school at 2:45pm.

Lastly, I walked back home and dropped my bag on the ground and fell into bed and slept.

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