Thursday, 18 April 2013

Room 9’s MOTAT Visit By Melenaite

Two weeks ago the Senior School students from Glenbrae School went to the Auckland MOTAT to study  transport.

First, we all walked down to the school hall and sat in our class lines.Then Mrs Raj spoke to us about the trip. Then Ms Elia came in and told us that  one bus was going to be late.

Room 10 and half of room 7 went in the first bus. When the second bus came, Room 9 and half of room 7 went in the second bus.

When we got there, we all got out of the bus and Anna, the MOTAT Educator Anna took us to a spare  room and that is where we had our assembly. Then we sat down and Anna told us what we were going to do .

First room 9 had morning tea and after that we went on a Tram ride and it  took us 15 minutes.

When we got back,we  walked back to the assembly room and waited for Anna to come and take us  to the class she was going to take. We went to a different room and Anna gave us a transport puzzle. Our groups had to sort it out and put it in order.

When we had finished,  we packed up the puzzle and Anna took us around and showed us some of the transport  they used in the olden days. After that, we went back to the assembly room and had lunch.

Finally we had a tour with our parent helpers. We went to the Games Zone and tried some of the games. Then we went through the Mirror Maze.

When it was 2 o’clock, we went back to the assembly room and got our bags and lined up to go to the bus.Then we walked up to the bus got in for our trip back to school. We reached school at half past two.

I really enjoyed the trip to the MOTAT because I learnt a lot about transport.

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