Thursday, 11 April 2013

Room 9’s MOTAT Visit

Two weeks ago the Senior students from Glenbrae School went on a  visit to the Motat by bus.

We walked to the hall and sat down in our group lines first. Then Mrs Raj spoke to us. After that we waited for the bus. While waiting for the bus, we had a quiz.Then we played eye spy with Mrs George.

Later, Ms Elia told us  that the bus would arrive late.  When the bus came, half of Room Seven and Room Ten went first. Then Room  Nine and the other half of Room Seven went on the second bus.When we were on the bus I sat with Fineasi.

When we arrived at Motat, we assembled at the assembly room. After that, we had our morning tea.Then we went on a tram ride.

Later on we went to a room with Anna and she gave us some  transport puzzles to do. Our group finished the puzzles first. After  awhile we went to the mirror maze.

Then we went to the game zone with Mrs Maruariki. We were excited about having free time at the Motat. We went to the bird cage and we had to pull the rope.

Finally it was time for us to come back to school. We went to the bus and I sat with Anthony right at the front of the bus behind the driver.

When we got back to school, we went home. I had an enjoyable time at the MOTAT.

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  1. Well done Fraser. This is a very good account of your activities at the MOTAT.