Thursday, 25 September 2014

Explanation Writing, Fineasi

WALT: I am learning to write an Explanation

Why is the school a special place in my community?

A school is a learning centre where learners of all ages come together to learn about everything, therefore it is a very special place in the community.

First, school is fun because the students get to learn about a lot of new things like netbooks, computers, food, sports, maths, science and languages. The school  has  a teacher to teach the enthusiastic learners about new things. When students become  experts at one level, they get the opportunity to move to another level.

Then there are special sessions to help students build their  confidence in talking in front of the  school and other people and this makes the school a special place as well. The  school is also important because it provides the learners with the opportunity to read and write so they can get a job faster.

Next, schools are important because they let us students play,  talking to each other, make friends and gives them new opportunities. They learn new things everyday just like the teacher. Everyday students go to school and they get a chance to do something and learn new cool things.

Furthermore, a school is also a sports centre for the students and the community as well because it has facilities like playgrounds, swimming pools, courts and the hall where different sports can be played.  Students also benefit from getting special skills in sports from sports coaches hired by the school and that makes the school a special place.

Finally, the school can be used for special events like weddings, church services, birthday parties and community meetings because it has a hall where people can gather for a meeting. Most schools have these facilities available to the community so it make the school a special place.

A school is a special place in the community because it plays so many different roles to meet the needs of the community where it is in.

By Fineasi

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