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Tides and Ocean Currents, Brandon

Tides and Ocean currents

Tides And Ocean Currents.

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Surfers and seafarers all know that the water around New Zealand is changing.
Driven by the wind,the warm subtropical water flows and swirls around the island.
Tides ebb the  flow along the coast, and where fresh and seawater are brought
together at estuaries, fiords and river plumes-unique environments are created.

Wind blown from the East New Zealand  lies in the path of an eastward-flowing
currents, which are driven by winds that blow across the South Pacific Ocean.
These winds, the South East trades to the north,and the roaring forties to the
south, drive the water along the equator.

But even the most sophisticated satellite technology cannot provide analysis of the ocean
beyond a few centimetres deeper than the surface. 

To record the changes under the sea, back on board the research ships, Oceanographers use sophisticated cameras and equipment to record changes in ocean properties. Valuable data is archived and synthesised to build a picture of how ocean environments behave.

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