Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Story Review, Mata

Half Fare To Palmerston North
 By Dorothy Corry

This story is about a teenaged boy named Luke who moved out of his home because his dad yelled at him after his teacher told his father that he wasn’t happy about his behaviour at school. 

Luke and his father had a conversation about his attitude. When they were having a conversation, Luke's father hit Luke on the head. After Luke's father hit him on the head, Luke felt a little bit ashamed of himself because that was his first time he ever got hit.  

After that incident, Luke thought of moving to his friend, Jason's house but Jason's mum's boyfriend was there and so he decided to go to Palmerston North instead. When he was on his way to the bus stop, Luke’s father came and said that he was very sorry.

The problem was solved when Dad came to the Bus top told Luke that he was very sorry about what he did. Then dad asked Luke if he wanted a burger and Luke said that it would be a good idea. Luke and his dad forgave each other.

I liked this story because I learnt how to forgive give each other when we fight, argue or have an argument and I also liked this story because it was very interesting.

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By Mata

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