Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Story Review

My story review

Our Glittering Baby By Janice Marriott

This story is about Sharon’s mother having a baby girl. The children called her the Glittering baby. When mum
had a baby, Dad rushed home from the hospital to tell
his family. The children got some glitter and made a birthday card for the baby.Then the family went to see the baby in the hospital. When dad saw the glitter card, he got angry because he did not want the baby to have any glitter on her. They also had a family photo with the baby.

When the children got home they cleaned the house but there was glitter everywhere. Dad did not want the baby to get the glitter on her.

The next day dad went to get the photos. The photos had small stars on it. It was the glitter which was on the children and it was in the photo as well.

This story was interesting because it reminded me about when my baby brother was born.

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