Thursday, 26 September 2013

Article Review, Moses

The Vege Car By Peter Stevens

WALT:  Write a review of stories we read.

This article is about James Nui who made a car that doesn’t use petrol or fuel. James Nui’s son, James Iti wanted to be included too, so he helped out. James Nui and James Iti made the new generation Vege car. I like the Vege car because it doesn’t need any petrol. This car doesn’t affect any people around the world. The sicknesses a normal car causes people around the world to die are asthma and cancer. This new generation car  is a highly brand new version of a normal car.

I like this story is because it is a wonderful car James Nui and James It have created.  When the car is going on the street, it smells like soup.  

By Moses

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