Saturday, 14 September 2013

Article Review

WALT: To write a review of what we have read.

A Passion for Pony’s  by Donna Cherry

This article is about a girl named Chelsea and her friend Sarah. They both had their own ponies. Chelsea’s pony was called Teddy. She kept Teddy in a paddock that was meant for ponies and horses.

She liked going to the paddock after school to brush her pony so that he can be nice and clean. She liked taking her pony for a ride around the paddock.

Every afternoon Chelsea and Sarah took their ponies over for the low jumps and trotted around the paddock. After that Chelsea  gives him a final brush-down. Then she covers Teddy  with a blanket to keep him warm at night.   

I liked this article because it had interesting words and it had lots of facts about ponies and how to look after ponies.

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