Thursday, 12 September 2013

Article Review

WALT:  review the story we read

A Passion For Ponies by Donna Cherry.

This article is about a girl named Chelsea who loved her pony named Teddy. After school Chelsea ran home quickly so she could groom and play with Teddy. Chelsea had a friend named Sarah and she had a pony too. They would play together a lot and groom their ponies together.

Sarah also helped Chelsea groom her pony. Chelsea and Sarah also cleaned up their ponies droppings which looked like small mountains. Sarah loved her pony as much as Chelsea loved Teddy. At the end of the day Chelsea put a warm coat on Teddy so he could be warm and toasty.

If I had a pony I would do the same things that Chelsea and Sarah did I would be as dedicated as they were. I liked the bit about the droppings. It was really funny .

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