Friday, 14 March 2014

5 Facts About The Weka - Aarmione

The weka is a large, brown, flightless bird that has a famously feisty and curious personality.
Historically, the weka was a significant resource for some iwi, and the birds’ availability for sustainable harvest remains an important issue in weka conservation. Weka were also used by early European settlers, who gave it the name woodhen.
The weka’s best known call is a repetitive, loud ‘coo-et’ that is usually heard at dusk and in the early evening. It is presented as a duet, with the male giving the lower and slower part. Weka are usually heard, not seen, although some birds, usually those living near farms or tramping huts, get a reputation for pilfering crops, food and other small objects. They will take the objects to the nearest cover to investigate them. For this reason it is best not to chase weka but to simply watch where the weka goes and retrieve the objects a little later.
Here is a Picture of a Weka:
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