Wednesday, 19 March 2014

10 Facts about the Weta, Levi R

10 Facts about The Weta

     The Weta

     WALT: to learn as much as possible about a Weta.

  1. There is more than one kind of Weta
  2. Mahoenui giant weta is long considered extinct
  3. The Weta is only found on New Zealand
  4. The Weta have ears on their knees
  5. The Weta has outlived the dinosaurs
  6. The Nelson Alpine Weta is the smallest
  7. The Wetapunga of Little Barrier is the Largest Weta
  8. Seven Species of Weta were once found on New Zealand mainland
  9. Giant Weta can only survive in protected land
  10. There are 11 different species of The Giant Weta

By Levi R.

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