Friday, 29 August 2014

Story Review, Melenaite

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

This story is about a family that plays soccer but once they heard that there was a rugby game in town,  they waited for the right moment to ask mum if they could go and watch the game because it was a special  pre season match and they would do anything to go although they have not really been  rugby fans.

Mum agreed  to let the children  go to the rugby game, but there were conditions  that the children had to fulfill. They had to do all the chores for mum for a  week.  Mum had wished that there were more games held in their town more often so the children could do more chores for mum.

The characters in this story are Mum, Karla, Shane and the Author.This story takes place at the Rugby Park and some parts take place at home.

I felt that it was interesting and an awesome story because the children got a chance to watch the Rugby game and it was easier for mum because the children did some chores for her.

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