Sunday, 15 December 2013

Anthony's Reflection on Netbooks, Anthony

My Netbook Reflections

My name is Anthony and I am a year 5 student at Glenbrae School. My Teachers name is Mr D. Nath. This year was an exciting year for me because I started using my chromebook as a tool in the classroom. I was really fascinated by the thought of doing so many cool things on my chromebook but, it took me some time to really start using it effectively. It was an awesome experience.

I have learnt Cyber safety, Accessing the class site, Blogging, keyboard shortcuts,  using google applications like google presentations, creating new folders and documents, using tools, taking screen shots, using Sumo paint.

I have learnt about how to use sunshine online and studyladder to expand my knowledge. I have learnt how to change my password, get on study ladder and sunshine online and how to get onto blogger and blog my work. I have learnt that I am able to access my google drive wherever there is an internet connection. I have helped my friends in class by giving them different strategies on how to access different sites on the internet and how to use the different apps in the google drive.

Through using the key competencies i was able to take hold of my own learning and think independently while using the chromebooks. If I ever got stuck on a question, I didn’t have to ask the teacher for the answer but instead, I went straight onto the google search engine and look for the answer myself.

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