Monday, 11 November 2013

Story Review, Sam

POPCORN by Jill MacGregor

Walt: Write a review of stories we read.

The story is about a boy and a girl putting corn seed’s in a big brown bag and putting it in the microwave so it can pop. After that, the leftover seeds were used to plant in a brown pot. After that, the kids went to measure the corn stalk because it had started to grow after being left outside for over a week. They grew the corn so they could eat it. The tassels go into the pollen and the pollen goes to ear of the corn and the silks. Once the silk or the ear of the corn comes down, it goes to the stalk of the roots of the corn so it can grow faster. The top of the corn is called silk and the thing that is wrapped around it is called the husk. The kernels or seeds are in the husk and we can eat it when the silks are brown or pink.

By Sam

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