Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Winter Rap by Taki

Winter Rap

In winter I had a pig for dinner
Dad wanted chicken but I was the winner.

The winter clouds are in the sky
Coming down to the ground to lie.

Great white clouds are in the sky
The sun is shining up so high.

On the ground I saw a pig pound
It was big and fat and round.

In winter I went in a train
So I could go and catch my plane.

Next to the plane I saw a snake  
I got scared and fell over a rake.

In winter I went to my rugby game
I hurt my leg so I was lame.

In winter it is so very cold
People look like they turned old.

In winter when it is cold and wet  
I like to go home to a hot chocolate.

By Taki

1 comment:

  1. Hi Taki I like your rap sound neat i reckon i might have a pork to eat
    wow!! i must be getting rymes for u now .