Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Story Review

Story Review by Levi R

As Smooth as Silk by Paul Mason

This story is about a girl named Rachel who finds an octopus while snorkelling. She rushes back to the beach to tell her parents about the octopus but her parents weren’t the only ones listening. A fisherman who was repairing a fishing net with a group of fishermen grabs his spear and s towards the spot where Rachel had seen the octopus.

The characters in this story are Rachel, the local fishermen and Rachel’s parents. This story takes place at the beach. This story had a had a very sad ending because the fisherman killed the octopus and Rachel was very much horrified by this event.


  1. This ia good review of the story Levi. I really like your picture. You are doing so well with using Sumo Paint for drawing.

  2. You got a nice octopus you got there it's really cool and like your interesting story review.