Thursday, 30 May 2013

I am learning to write a procedure on giving directions by Lorraine

Success Criteria:
My writing will have a title, goal , materials and steps
Giving  Directions

To walk from Glenbrae School to Tamaki College.

A map of Glen Innes.
1.Walk out of the school gate  and turn left into Leybourn Circle.
2. Walk up to the foot crossing and Stop.
3. Look to the left and right and when the road is clear walk across the road and turn right.
4. Walk up to Fenchurch Street and turn left into Fenchurch Street.
5. Walk past Aveline Place and Sunnymead Road until you come to Taniwha  Street and the Fenchurch Dairy on the right.
6. Turn right into Taniwha Street
7. Walk past Glen Innes Play Centre on the right and walk until you come to Tamaki College Gate.

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  1. Hi Lorraine

    I think your directions are all in order and very clear. I was impressed with the way you put in safety advice too. Good on you.