Friday, 17 May 2013

Story Review by Melenaite

Catch Of The Day By Kathy Taylor

This story is about a family going fishing at the wharf so  that mum could  cook fish for dinner.

The characters in the story are Campbell, Polly, Josh and Dad. The story takes place at the wharf near the sea.

I like this story because I love going fishing with my family as well. I felt good when Polly caught a fish because Josh and Campbell were not being kind to her while they were fishing.


  1. Well done Melenaite. This is a good review of the story you have read. I felt the same for Polly when she was not being treated well by her brother Josh.

  2. Hi Melenaite
    I enjoyed your precis of this story. You made me want to read the whole story. Good on you.

  3. Ka pai Melenaite

    I really enjoyed your story review. Both my sons are keen fishermen and sometimes we have fresh fish for dinner. Reading this brought back some happy memories for me.