Sunday, 24 February 2013

Room 9's Bio Poems

Bio Poem


Sporty,artistic and friendly

Lover of having a shower and singing,kung fu and watching tv

Who feels happy when he get gifts and cakes on his birthday

Who wonders if  he will have a happy life

Who fears big black biting  spiders

Who likes playing his uncle’s guitar

Who is able to run, write, read and play games

Who dreams of a  happy life.

By Sam

Bio Poem


Sporty,gamey and musical

Lover of playing games, shopping and going on bus rides

Who feels good when he goes on the bus and the plane because he can look down

Who wonders why god loves us so much

Who fears the passing away of his Nana

Who would like to be the best  army officer

Who is able to play play games and sports well

Who dreams of being in the army.

By Ngatokorua

Bio Poem


Sporty, cool and kind

Lover of playing sports, drawing pictures and eating Mc Donalds

Who feels excited when he is going somewhere fun

Who wonders  what is inside the walls, a chicken and what is lava made from

Who fears a big tsunami

Who would like to be a famous rugby star when he grows up

Who is able- to play sports well

Who dreams to be a police officer.

By Moses

Bio Poem


Sporty, Musical and Creative

Loves singing with her  older sister and eating chinese lollies

Who feel  warm when the sun is shining on her

Who wonders how the rainbow shines up in the sky

Who is scared when she is at home by herself in the night

Who would like to travel  all around the world

Who is able to run around the field five times

Who dreams to be a singer.

By Matangaro

Bio Poem


Who is sporty, playful and friendly

Likes to play video games and  with friends

Lover of swimming, running and eating chocolate

Who feels happy when riding on skateboards

Who wonders about how a rainbow appears

Who fears death

Who would like to be a superhero

Who is able to do work using the netbook.

By Levi

Bio Poem


Sporty, intelligent, gamey

Lover of Star Wars Movies ,Lego Star Wars Games and Mum and Dad

Who feels happy when he swims

Who wonders about heaven

Who fears spiders, monsters, satan, the devil and hell

Who would like a Limo

Who is able to run

Who dreams of cars.

By Karl

Bio Poem


Nice, playful, good boy

Lover of playing games, climbing trees and going to the movies

Who feels awesome when having hot chocolates

Who wonders what job he will have when he grows up

Who fears death

Who would like to have a shield to protect

Who is able to climb up trees.

By Jayden

Bio poem


Sporty, funny and brainy

Lover of chocolate muffins,video games and Kung Fu

Who feels sad when it is raining

Who wonders how life will be

Who fears for his Grandad’s life

Who would like to be a Fisherman.

By Fineasi

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