Friday, 15 February 2013


It has been a very exciting week in Room 9.  Our new Chromebooks arrived and we have been learning how to log in to our Google Apps and share our documents with our teacher. Today we also learnt how to use Google spreadsheets to graph data we collected in maths. "This is cool!"


  1. Wow Room 9 - what great photos of you all with your new Chromebooks. I can just imagine how excited everyone was getting to use them for the 1st time.
    I look forward to seeing your work on the blog as you learn more about computer technology this year!
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

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    1. taki this is in the past i mean i sent this message from the past.

  3. wow cool as work room 9 it was cool to go on my new Chromebook at school and i can't wait to bring my Chromebook home