Monday, 28 October 2013

Information Report, Melenaite

A Report On Land Transport

Land Transport is the most commonly used transport is New Zealand.

The one wheeled unicycle is called a Monowheel but it is not commonly used because it is very difficult to ride.However, the two wheeled scooters,bicycles and motorbikes are widely used by young people to do some tricks at the skatepark.

The three wheeled tricycle,rickshaws,lyric and Spyder Roadsters are not really used by the people in New Zealand.The Rickshaws are three wheeled motorised transport widely used in the major cities in Asian countries to carry passengers. Some of these Rickshaws are very colourful.

There are some superfast cars that are four wheeled. Some of these  four wheeled vehicles are use as emergency transport.These vehicles are the  Ambulance and the Police Cars.

Some of the six wheeled land transport are buses and trucks. The buses are used for transporting passengers while the trucks are use for transporting cargo from place to place.

The  Container Trucks, Oil Tankers,  Logging Trucks, and Trains are some of the ten or more wheeled vehicles.They are used for transporting  heavy loads over long distances and the trained is for transporting passengers as well.

Land Transport is very important  since people need to travel from place to place to work or for holidays. Without transport, life can be very slow and boring.

By Melenaite Fonua

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  1. Well done Melanaite. You have written a very good report on Land Transport. Keep up with your good work.