Sunday, 24 March 2013

Water Fun Day

On Monday the 18th of February ,all  Glenbrae students had a water fun day  at Glenbrae School courts.

First we got changed into our house colours.Then we walked to our house areas.After that we marched around the courts.

Next  Mrs Repata talked about the activities.After that we went to our first activity.There were seven activities we took part in. These were the Three Legged Race,Under and Over, Zig-Zag and the Water Slide.

Finally all activities were over and we assembled at the courts.Mrs Moopanar announced the results. We all thought the Red team had won but it was actually the Green team that won.                                                    

We all had a good time at the Water Fun Day.    

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  1. Plessius Family26 March 2013 at 13:21

    Hi Fraser,
    It sounds as if the Water Fun Day was just that - FUN! What was it that made everyone think the Red team had won?! I am interested.
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)